Outswitch is a platform that helps vacation rental property managers maximize their revenues

  • Channel Manager: Connect to many channels easily, and sync prices and availability:
    * Airbnb (2 way connection)
    * Agoda (2 way connection)
    * Booking.com (2 way connection)
    * Rentals United (2 way connection)
    * TripAdvisor/Holiday Lettings(1 way connection)

  • Yield Manager: Using our advanced proprietary algorithm, we enable property managers to:
    * Create smart rules for groups of properties
    * Use historical data to improve rates
    * Implement reactive pricing based on occupancy rates

  • Connecting to BookingSync allows an automatic import of all your properties' information and pushes the smart pricing to BookingSync and your website.

OutSwitch is a unique platform designed to help property managers in the vacation rental space maximize their revenues by combining a yield manager with a multi-channel distribution solution allowing you to optimize your pricing and broaden the reach of your properties online.
Outswitch is already integrated with Airbnb, Agoda, Booking.com, TripAdvisor/Holiday Lettings, as well as Rentals United which in turn is a channel aggregrator giving access to 35+ portal.

Note: To use OutSwitch app on any browser, you should have Flash Player installed on your computer. Then you should check if Flash Player is enabled in your browser.
Once it is enabled, you will be able to use OutSwitch. And it is recommended to use Google Chrome as the browser.

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