Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Watblue Lda and Bluewater Vacation Accommodation (Bluewaterva)

The Bluewaterva website used by Watblue Lda stores very limited information about our site visitors. However, we do use some external services which may store data about you. We list what we store and the external services we use below.
• On our Availability page, we use a contact us form which allows you to send us a message/enquiry. The details you fill in are passed to us by email but not stored on the website. We will retain the emails sent to us this way and may use your contact details to respond to you about your enquiry.
• The Bluewaterva website used by Watblue Lda collects visitor information through Google Analytics. This information is anonymised and should not personally identify you. You can view Google's privacy policy at
• The website uses Paypal as a payment gateway if you purchase something from us or make a payment. Paypal may collect your data in this case, but nothing is stored on this site. You can view Paypal's privacy policy at
• Watblue Lda and Bluewaterva use third party applications/websites to receive and manage bookings and payments. When you make a booking with any of these applications/websites your data will be collected and transferred only for the purpose of providing information relating to your • holiday accommodation bookings.

• Watblue Lda and Bluewaterva will only store and transfer in accordance with the legal requirements under which Watblue Lda operates within Portugal.

If you have any queries about our use of your data by Watblue Lda and the Bluewaterva website please use the contact details you can find on the Bluewaterva website to contact us.

If this does not help you can contact the website hosting service at