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  • Policy of confidentiality for Apartment that Toulouse To Apartment that accessible Toulouse since http: //, one of our priorities is the respect for the data deprived of our visitors. This policy of confidentiality contains information collected and registered by http: // and on the way we use them. For any additional question or for more information on our policy of confidentiality, you can contact us at the address ** Newspaper http: // follows a standard procedure of use of newspapers. These files categorize the visitors when they visit Web sites. All the companies of accommodation(hosting) follow these procedures which are a part of analyses of services of accommodation(hosting). The information collected by these newspapers is: IP addresses, the type of browser, the Internet service provider ( FAI), the marking of date and an hour, the pages of dismissal(cross-reference) as well as, potentially, counts it of clicks. These data are bound(connected) on no account to personally recognizable information. These data allow us to analyze trends(tendencies), to administer the site, to follow the movements of the users on the Web site as well as to collect demographic informations ##Cookies and Web beacons Just like quite different Web site, http: // uses "cookies". These cookies are used for the storage of information including the preferences of the visitors as well as the pages of the site having been opened or visited. This information allows to optimize the user experience by personalizing the contents of our web page according to the type(chap) of used sailor(browser) and/or the other information. ## Politics(Policies) of confidentiality Consult this list if you wish to reach the politics(policies) of confidentiality of every advertising partner of http: // The waiters(servers) or the third advertising networks use technologies such as cookies, Javascript or still Web beacons. The latter are respectively used in their advertisements and appearing links in http: //, which(who) are directly sent to the sailor(browser) of the user. They receive then automatically your IP address. These technologies are useful for the measure of the efficiency of advertising campaigns and\or for the customization of the advertising contents which you reach when you visit these sites. Note that has no access or control over these cookies used by third advertising executives. ## Third politics(policies) of confidentiality The politics(policy) of confidentiality of http: // does not apply to other advertising executives or Web sites. We advise(recommend) you then to consult the respective politics(policies) of confidentiality of these third advertising waiters(servers) for more information. He can be there indicated how deactivating certain options. You will find a complete list of these politics(policies) of confidentiality and their links here: links towards the politics(policies) of confidentiality. You can deactivate cookies since your personal parameters, in your sailor(browser). If you wish(desire) to know more about it on the management of cookies according to the various Internet browsers, thank you for visiting Web sites the aforementioned sailors(browsers). ** Information relative to the children To protect the using internet children is other one of our priorities. We encourage the parents(relatives) and the legal guardians to observe, to participate, to guide and/or to watch their on-line activity.? Http: // collect no recognizable personal information resulting(coming) from children of less than 13 years old deliberately. If you think that your child was able to supply this type(chap) of information about our Web site, we encourage you strongly to contact us as quickly as possible. We shall then do everything in our power to remove this information of our files. ## Politics(Policy) of on-line applicable confidentiality only This politics(policy) of confidentiality applies only to our on-line activities and applies only to the visitors of our Web site, about the information which they shared and/or which(who) are collected on http: // This politics(policy) does not apply to the outstanding collected information or via other ways(means) that on this web site. ## Agreement By using our Web site, you grant at the end of our politics(policy) of confidentiality and accept its general terms of use.