Metricool - Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence


Review your metrics, plan your content and easily manage your online ad campaigns to boost your visibility and increase your direct bookings!
Everything in one place.

Metricool is a tool that allows you to analyze, manage and measure the success of all your digital content.
It provides all that you need for your social media strategy in one place: web analytics, blog content, metrics and a planning tool for your social network accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. It also gives you the possibility of studying your competition (Benchmark).
With Metricool, you’ll be up to date with what’s going on with your website. You’ll also be able to monitor your website or blog to learn how your content is performing on Google and across social networks. Which pages are more successful and receive more visits? How much time do your visitors spend on them? Are your ad campaigns working? Which social network drives the most traffic?

In few words, Metricool helps you to analyze your website in detail without needing to be an expert at web analytics. Know in real time which followers are active in the moment so you can interact with them and publish content that can be of interest to them. You will also get a lot of information about your visitors so you can adapt your content to turn them into guests! You can interact with them easily thanks to the centralized communication on Metricool that synchronized all messages you receive directly and on your publications!

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