Veepee Voyage

Veepee voyage (formerly Vente-Privée) launches its Seasonal Rental category in partnership with BookingSync!

Veepee Voyage

The BookingSync team is delighted to be the technological partner of Veepee voyage (formerly Vente-Privée) for the creation of its Seasonal Rental category, and to offer its customers a promising new platform. This is a great opportunity for you to access a direct distribution channel and a quality audience thanks to the 27 million Veepee members in France.

Please note that the App is only available in French for now :)

Seasonal rentals are a brand-new product line at Veepee voyage, developed in response to strong demand from its members and the perfect complement to the product lines already available on Veepee voyage: stays, residences, clubs, hotels, leisure parks.

Veepee voyage aims to cover every territory and every type of property: city, country, mountain and seaside, offering quality properties available all year round with impeccable member service. The trust and loyalty of its members are based on the discount and quality of the offers, criteria for which Veepee voyage has chosen to place its trust in BookingSync/Smily and its Property Managers!

The highlights of this partnership for you:

  • Technical partnership with BookingSync to guarantee easy use and commonality with your other channels. No risk of double booking.
  • The marketing power of Veepee voyage: your properties will be highlighted by thematic banners on the Veepee voyage website (e.g.: "Sud Ouest" "Bord de Mer", "Bretagne", "Maisons avec piscine"...) defined according to supply and demand.
  • The customer becomes your direct customer after booking. The Veepee voyage member's contact details are shared with you for each new reservation.
  • You collect payment directly via the payment gateway linked to your BookingSync account, generating cash flow.
  • Veepee voyage fees are performance-based. You pay no fixed fees or cost-per-click.
  • You control your ROI on the Veepee voyage channel with full knowledge of acquisition costs.
  • Your booking conditions are presented and validated by the customer before booking.

To date, the partnership has only been launched on the French Veepee voyage site, but there are plans to extend it to other European Veepee voyage sites.

Contact the BookingSync team so that we can validate the uploading of your properties!

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