Enhance your Guest Experience and improve your internal Organization! We have bespoke solutions for you 😉


Enhance your customer experience by preparing interactive, personalised and automatically translated digital guides. Save time by automating your time-consuming tasks during the preparation of stays.

Whether if it’s for professional use or personal use, the success of your accommodation is based on the unique experience you offer to your travelers.
Yaago is a post-reservation Platform and offers :
• The generation of a digital, interactive and personalized digital guide for each stay: limit tedious tasks, increase the perceived quality of your services and increase availability to sell more.
• A service connected to your PMS BookingSync to simplify the instant creation of digital guides: considerable time saving for the creation of each new property! It will be automatically generated, you will just have to complete your content to detail your amenities.
• The possibility of additional sales from the digital guide to increase turnover.
And much more...

From €19/month for 2 prop. then €5/month for additional properties

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Website www.yaago.com