Secure your rental by using TYLLT'services for your damage deposit, and offer a new service to your tenants


No impact on your client's banking account, nor on your client's bank card spending limit
Clear and transparent for your client, quicker and easier if he already use it

You decide who send the deposit request to your client : TYLLT or you.
Your client receives a link (deposit request), follow it, and register the deposit. It's completely free for him.
You receive the confirmation that the deposit is well registered.
Until the end of the stay, you can change the dates (start/end of the booking), without make a new deposit request.
After the stay, you can manually close the deposit, let it close automatically 10 days after the end of the stay (if you have activated this option on your TYLLT account), or make a payment request in the event of damage.

0,4% of the amount (for a deposit registered) + 0,25€ for each
2% + 2€ in case of cash-in

Author TYLLT


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