Safebooking is an insurance solution dedicated to travel and vacation rentals.

  • Cancellation insurance : Protect your reservations
  • Caution insurance: Protect a rental from any damage
  • Complementary income

We offer two insurance products to BookingSync users :

  • Thanks to Safebooking, you can protect a rental from any damage caused during the stay. The tenant buys an insurance instead of leaving a security deposit, and the landlord is covered for any loss or harm occurring during the stay.
    The insurance provides both security, with extended guarantee thresholds (up to 5 000€), and a streamlined client experience with no more required deposit and a simple and intuitive full-web claim management system.
    It is very easy to implement and time-effective for the property management agency.

  • Safebooking offers also a Cancellation insurance in case anything happens to the holiday-maker or his relatives before departure. The insurance comprises a wide range of guarantees including interruption of stay, late arrival, civil liability, sports equipment, medical assistance (…) and for winter holidays: cancellation because of a lack of snow, as well as the reimbursement of search and rescue costs.

How does it work?
From the BookingSync Notification App, you can easily and automatically send emails to your customers to invite them, via an URL link, to write their insurance on a dedicated affiliated web site, with your colors and logo, that we provide to you for free. There are no set up costs.
URL includes the reference of the booking so that we can tag this particular reservation to inform you that insurance has been taken.
Notification can be sent either right after booking for a Cancellation insurance, or few days before arrival for a Deposit insurance.
Payment is made direct to us on the web site, and we give back from 10% to 30% of the premium to BookingSync users.

And we endorse all obligations and responsibilities related to the distribution of the insurance.

So why wait any longer?
You just need to install the Safebooking App, create your account and sign up for either one or both Cancellation or Deposit insurance on the store!

Earn an extra each time your customers make a reservation with our insurance

Author Gritchen Affinity