With Nuki’s smart door lock elaborate key handovers have an end by granting your guests digital access permissions to your holiday homes.

  • Keyless access for guests and service providers.
  • 24/7 self check-in for guests via the Nuki app or by entering a 6-digit entry code on our Nuki Keypad
  • Remote control over your door. Grant your guests access no matter where you are
  • Automated dispatch of temporary access permissions
  • Full control at any time. Keep an eye on the status of all your door locks
  • Never again: lost keys, hiring external partners to hand over keys or changing your plans because of unexpected changes in the arrival time of your guests
  • Nuki allows you to save time and money. Manage more holiday apartments in less time.

The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes – without screws or drilling and without changing the existing cylinder.

In combination with the Nuki app, it makes your everyday life as a host keyless, by turning the smartphone into a smart key. Access permissions are easily managed and sent to guests for the corresponding booking period. The Nuki app as well as the Nuki Web, our clearly arranged web management tool, allows you to grant access to cleaning staff, to your employees or any other persons.

The Nuki Combo consists of the Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki Bridge. The Nuki Bridge is connected with the local WIFI and connects the Smart Lock to the Internet. So you can manage and control it remotely. This means you can open the door from the distance, check the log and the status of the door (locked/ unlocked and open/closed) and assign access permissions anytime and anywhere.

The Nuki Keypad takes vacation home rentals to a new level and is an extension of the Nuki Smart Lock. It gets installed on the outside of the door and grants access by simply entering a 6-digit code. This gives guests easy access during their stay. As the owner, you save time since the Nuki Keypad frees you from the hassle of personally handing over keys. It also means more comfort for your guests, since no app, special account or even a smartphone is required.

You are renting an apartment in an apartment building and you want your guests to have the complete keyless access experience? The Nuki Opener turns your existing intercom into a smart door opener. It is designed for self-installation in your flat and makes it possible to open the main entrance door of your apartment building.

When used in combination with the Nuki Smart Lock, you profit from a comprehensive access system and can offer your guests entirely keyless access.

We shape the way people access holiday homes by providing a seamless and connected experience. Our products are simple, make life easier and are trusted companions to our customers.With Nuki, hosting has never been easier and more efficient. Comfort and security are our top priorities.

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