Airbnb - Open Homes & First Responders programs

Airbnb Open Homes & First Responders program. In order to help people in need of temporary housing (healthcare staff, social workers, refugees looking

Airbnb - Open Homes & First Responders programs
  • Help by hosting: you can make your space available to people in need reviewed by Airbnb or one of their partner organizations.
  • Listing requirements: to protect the community and themselves, COVID-19 responders need entire listings with no people present.
  • Safety measures: Airbnb wants to make sure you feel comfortable hosting COVID-19 responders in your place: 72-hour blocks between reservations, extensive cleaning checklist for you and your guests to follow.
  • Airbnb fees waived: to support responders and their hosts, all Airbnb fees for these stays are waived.

The “Open Homes” program available since 2017 is made to offer a place to stay to people in need of temporary housing (refugees looking for shelter, people receiving treatment, people evacuated or relief workers). For the time being, this program is currently available only in France and Italy, and all stays going through this program are offered for free.

The “First Responders” program is part of Open Homes and is designed to provide accommodation to healthcare staff and first responders in order to allow them to be close to their patients – and safely distanced from their own families. Please note that for now this program is only eligible in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and France. You can choose to offer your rentals for free (by default), at a discounted rate or at full price.

Guests will be able to request to book on Airbnb, after which you will be able to accept those requests from your Airbnb account. When accepting such booking requests, Airbnb will block your calendar for the 72h following the check out of that booking, to allow enough time for a deep cleaning. The booking will be synced, however the 72h blocked period will not be synced to your BookingSync calendar, and we recommend manually blocking the time needed for cleaning after the check out on your BookingSync calendar.

All Airbnb fees for these stays are waived.