CheKin: A single solution for check-in guests


CheKin is an all-in one solution to automate the check-in process, allowing hosts to save time and cost, being 100% compliant with the local legislation.

BookingSync and CheKin accounts sync: listings and reservations will be auto sync on CheKin account
Online CheKin tool: hosts can stay relaxed, guests will register themselves online before reaching the accommodation
Be legally compliant: hosts can forget the manual registration of guests data on authorities websites and manual fulfillment of several docs, CheKin will take care of everything.
Self CheKin: CheKin has automated the guest identification and remote access to the accommodation by connecting with smart locks and key storage systems. Already integrated with Omnitec, TTLock, KeyNest, Keyless, Nuki, Keycafe, Akiles. More integrations coming soon!

Legal compliance currently covered in the following countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Dubai, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Colombia, Romania, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Croatia, Hungary. Guests register online and data are sent automatically to the local authorities!

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