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BookingSync Recognized as Sponsor of Ember Data

Published by BookingSync,

Névache, France (July 7, 2015) -- BookingSync, the vacation rental technology startup, is recognized as a sponsor in the first stable release of Ember Data.

In a blog post announcing the release, the Ember Team gives thanks to BookingSync, in addition to DockYard and Precision Nutrition, companies “which generously sponsored some of the work that has gone into Ember Data.”

“After three hard years of work, BookingSync is honored to be recognized as an Ember Data sponsor. Ember and Ember Data are easing the lives of developers using disruptive technologies, developing standards and pushing the boundaries of web development. These are all goals BookingSync pushes and promotes in the vacation rental space”, says Sébastien Grosjean, BookingSync Founder & CEO and Ember evangelist within BookingSync.

Ember.js is an open-source Javascript framework aimed at allowing developers to build scalable web applications. Ember Data is a library for managing data in Ember.js applications.

About BookingSync:

BookingSync is a cloud-based vacation rental system that serves as a friend to owners, managers, and agencies during each step of the vacation rental management process. With the help of a robust developer API and the BookingSync App Center, companies of all stripes—VR marketplaces, rates engines, guest and cleaning services, among others—can build integrations that extend the functionality of BookingSync. At heart, we’ve developed a simple and easy-to-use software that is bringing openness and connectivity to the vacation rental community.

BookingSync has raised over US $1MM in funding, and is active in 110+ countries.

The company holds a strong commitment to charity. A share of our profits will go to funding charitable works, a mix of humanitarian, social and environmental projects.

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