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AI powered communications, personalized guest experiences and data driven re-marketing for vacation rentals and boutique hotels

Enso Connect


Guest Relationship Management: Retention & Remarketing

Guest Experiences & Upsells

Enso Connect is a proptech company that empowers short term rental businesses to know their guests. Using AI, smart home integrations, and data analytics, Enso Connect personalizes and simplifies guest interactions at all stages of their customer journey thanks to three main features :

Communications - Save Time

Communicate with your guests through an advanced unified inbox via whatsapp, email, text or airbnb messages. Create automatic rule based scheduled messages, or let our AI answer the questions for you. Track sentiment, and prioritize communications based on your business: sentiment, revenue generated by customer, stage of booking and more.

Example: We’ve reduced the average response time of one of our customers from 56 minutes, down to 2.5 minutes and automated over 56% of all communications with over 75,000 guests. This is a key factor for becoming a super host, getting better reviews, and increasing your ranking with OTAs!

Guest Relationship Management: Retention & Remarketing - Make Money

We collect your guest data and turn it into powerful insights for your remarketing campaigns. You receive real-time, micro-detail on your guests’ habits and preferences, allowing you to craft highly tailored offers and win return customers, all in a few clicks.

With Enso Connect tech capabilities you can know your guests’ sentiment about their stay at your property and send automated review requests to only those who had a great experience.

Guest Experiences & Upsells - Create a Brand

We facilitate quick and easy contactless check-ins and check-outs and support upsell experiences available on demand. Your guests enjoy the high standard service of a hotel with the personal touch of a homeowner. You create a unique brand, and make more money doing so.

Example: A guest spends 25% of their vacation budget on your home. Why not try and personalize their vacation with services and experiences (airport shuttle, food delivery, tours, etc.) to monetize the other 75% and build your brand?

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