Enso Connect

A single platform hospitality professionals need to automate, personalize and monetize guest interactions and elevate guest experience. Powered by AI.

Enso Connect

AI-powered Unified Inbox, consolidating email, SMS, WhatsApp and Airbnb messaging

Boarding Pass, a web-based guest app that seamlessly navigates guests from booking to checkout.

Custom automations and workflows, using the "If this then that" conditions system

EnsoAI hospitality copilot, streamlining your guest communication and crafting personalized, multilingual content with GPT-4.

Enso Connect is a dynamic guest experience platform for hospitality professionals that seamlessly plugs into BookingSync and helps personalize and monetize interactions all along the guest journey.

From upsells, guidebooks, smart lock-connected contactless check-in, white-labeled guest verification, AI-driven multi-channel messaging, and more, Enso Connect navigates guests through an effortless digital journey.

With “If this then that” capabilities, Enso Connect is the Zapier of hospitality. We connect all the tools you already love and use, allowing you to better manage the operational complexity of a scaling hospitality business, while increasing profit per guest.

Enso-connected hospitality professionals can:

  • Efficiently engage with guests by automating up to 80% of communications through an AI Unified Inbox
  • Save time and reduce questions asked with EnsoAI and digital guidebooks
  • Increase revenue with upsells and fees
  • Know and trust their guests with white-labeled guest verification tools
  • Create a streamlined step by step check-in experience with or without smart locks
  • Build and showcase their brand
  • And boost repeat business by collecting guest data

All this while providing guests with a smooth digital experience they expect and love. No need to install any apps.

Enso Connect’s Boarding Pass, the first Apple Wallet-compatible guest portal, digitally navigates guests throughout the entire journey, from inquiry to checkout. It’s a super app, customizable by property, channel, travel reasons, and more, allowing travelers to instantly access anything they need for a great stay in one link.

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