Swikly v2

Secure your deposits and payments with BookingSync Notifications with ease!

Swikly v2
  • Guaranteed amount in case of damage.
  • No impact on your client's banking limit.
  • Integration and automation of the security deposit requests.
  • Security deposit, balance payment and city tax payment in a single transaction.

Swikly is a safe, third party specialized in the management of online security deposits for tourism and short-term rental players. Thanks to Swikly, you can protect a rented property, such as an apartment, from damages, without the constraints of cheques, transfers or payments terminals. Improve your customer experience and automatically request in a single transaction, the security deposit, the payment of the balance and even the new french tourist tax!

Swikly security deposits are made without debiting or even blocking the limits of your tenants' credit cards. The service also includes the management of any disputes with tenants, as well as a payment guarantee for the landlord!

🎁 A little something extra: the Swikly App allows tenants to enter their arrival and departure times, directly synchronized in your BookingSync account!

How it works ?

With Swikly, you can easily request a security deposit and balance payment at the same time. This is made with a single form automatically sent to your customer, by email, a few days before the check-in !

These emails are sent by the BookingSync's Notification App. The latter allows to send emails templates at the right time and with email content that adapts dynamically to your interlocutor. You can configure the sending period (e.g. 5 days before arrival), choose your language, define the subject of your email, etc.

These email templates include a clickable link that redirects your customer directly to your Swikly form! Your customer can then proceed to the payment of his balance and the deposit by entering his bank details. He can also insert his check-in/check-out schedules.
As soon as a guest file his deposit and/or pays the balance, the Swikly App will automatically update the BookingSync reservation with his information!

To benefit from this service, you just need to install the Swikly App and the BookingSync’s Notification App. If you don't have a Swikly account yet, you can create one very easily and for free when you install the Apps!

Good Swiks ! 

1.8% of the amount + 25 cts for each
3.4% + 25 cts in case of deposit reclaim


Website www.swikly.com


Phone +33 4 20 88 00 48