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Heidi, France
NévacheLocation • 20+ rentals

It's been 3 years now since I started working in vacation rental, and I'm now managing 25 chalets in French alps.
I've never experienced this job without BookingSync; though hearing from my colleagues who are still using "old school" methods, I do realize how much BookingSync makes my daily life easier.
Over my 800 yearly contracts, I'm actually saving around 300 hours of tedious and repetitive work. My occupation rate is simply the best of the area.
A huge "thank you" to the team for their skills and availability.

Philippe, Greece
VillasThalassa • 15+ rentals

I've been a vacation rentals owner and manager for 30 years and now managing 15 luxury sea-side villas on Lefkada island, Greece.
My discovery of BookingSync appeared as a revelation. That was the end of repetitive tasks which are now automated. Also, the conversion rate of inquiries into bookings increased due to optimized processing.
"Save time book more" is more than true. The software is very well crafted, the technical team carefully listens to our needs or remarks, and they regularly bring features & performance enhancements.
Thanks to BookingSync which becomes the vacation rental managers' essential companion.

David, Canada
Simplissimmo • 100+ rentals

After several years experimenting different platforms, my company now uses BookingSync. After more than 6 months of usage, I can confirm this solution dramatically simplified and structured our logistics.
The BookingSync team is extremely reliable, an element which makes a world of difference nowadays.

Andre, Portugal
Travel To Madeira • 80+ rentals

BookingSync was a lifesaver for my small business and for me especially as the one responsible for the reservations. We searched endlessly for a way to automate our procedures with two goals in mind: do not break the bank and keep it simple. Well... That's BookingSync in a nutshell! It does what we need it to do while keeping it simple to use and effective!

Tannette, Seychelles
TannetteVilla • 5 rentals

For a beginner like myself, it's really easy to get hands on BookingSync: particularly with the great efficiency of their online support!
Now my bookings planning is online, my contracts are getting automatically sent, and availability gets synchronized with my portals, a dream come true!

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