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We always have the impression to get human responses, which means to get connected with people that are not on the other side of the world and would not understand our problems. It's appreciable to have people that perfectly know the business and provide real answers.

BookingSync API allowed us to adapt the software to our business, to obtain exactly the data that we required to enrich our own system, used by owners and our management team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why setup fees?

As a vacation rental professional, you don't have time to spend on technical stuff. Setup can be tedious and complex. A proper setup is critical to unleash the full potential of Bookingsync. Rentals and bookings import, rates rules configuration, emailing and website, we will do a complete initial setup for you!

How do I pay?

We debit your credit card each month. Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard.

What happens if I add more rentals online?

If you add a rental during your subscription period, you’ll only pay for the days remaining until your next billing cycle.

What does the monthly subscription cover?

The subscription covers the system user license, hosting, security, maintenance, updates and customer support. It also includes our reservation system as well as access to apps in BookingSync's App Store. Please note that all free apps come with the subscription, while others might require an extra payment.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. We will miss you, but you can cancel at any time. When you cancel your user account will be closed immediately, although you’ll still be billed for the full month as your credit card is charged at the start of the billing period. Please note that BookingSync does not provide refunds."

What happens if I remove a rental?

If you remove a rental, we won’t bill you for it during the next billing cycle.
Your card is charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. If you remove a rental, your subscription payment will reflect this change in the next billing cycle during which you won’t be charged for the rental that you removed.

Ready to save time and book more?

Our pricing team is able to price our properties very easily, our reservation team does not get any double bookings.