BookingSync Pricing

No booking fees. No commissions.

For rental, your price is 7 per month. VAT not included.

100 500+


Can you help me get setup?

Absolutely! We provide tailor made onboarding packages so you can quickly start saving time and book more.

What does the monthly subscription cover?

The subscription covers the system user license, hosting, security, maintenance, updates and customer support. It also includes our reservation system as well as access to apps in BookingSync's App Store. Please note that all free apps come with the subscription, while others might require an extra payment.

How do I pay?

We debit your credit card each month. Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. We will miss you, but you can cancel at any time. When you cancel your user account will be closed immediately, although you’ll still be billed for the full month as your credit card is charged at the start of the billing period. Please note that BookingSync does not provide refunds."

What happens if I add more rentals online?

If you add a rental during your subscription period, you’ll only pay for the days remaining until your next billing cycle.

What happens if I remove a rental?

If you remove a rental, we won’t bill you for it during the next billing cycle.

Your card is charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. If you remove a rental, your subscription payment will reflect this change in the next billing cycle during which you won’t be charged for the rental that you removed.